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Jun 21, 2020
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Hello everyone. Today we will talk about maximum anonymity when working with phones!

Anonymity is one of the main rules when working with gray , black, and maybe even white cases.
The first question that may arise ... which phone number should I choose?
Answer -

It is this OS that can be redesigned by the user and sharpened for a specific task. But here the ability to work with software is important. And you need to work PROPERLY.

First, understand one simple but very important truth-GOOGLE is evil! All Google services collect your data. And we don't need that. We get rid of them by replacing the firmware with an Open Source one. Which firmware should I choose?

Personally, I use LineageOS - ON YouTube, a bunch of videos on the topic of installing this firmware on your hardware.

Your network card has a number (Mac address) and is hard-wired. We don't need it. We fix this by installing software to replace the Mac address (I'll post the software in the second part).
Outgoing calls are best made via SIP. Do you want to sleep well? Then no IMSI networks.
Among other things, we have an IMEI. I think everyone knows how to change the IMEI. But still, I'll post the software in the second part of the article.

Do not forget about VPN even if it is not a panacea. In principle, what should we get? Good and fast vpn Doesn't keep logs!

Flash the device+change the IMEI+change the MAC address+set the SIP client+set the VPN= NORMAL security level.

My advice to you
Don't interfere with your personal and work activities. Never insert your SIM card into a dirty handset. Do not connect to home networks. Never. Do not store this handset at home. Ideally, keep it as far away from your place of residence as possible. For conducting transactions, it is better to use a separate device. Always remove the battery. This is also a very important point.
You go to work - the main phone number at home. No exceptions! Moreover, it is desirable that the main tube and the black one are not side by side at all even once. After all, we understand that if they are interested in our black tube, they will look for a white one.

How often should I change the device?
I advise you to do this. It's one thing - one banking details - one phone number. The golden rule. There was a personality...and there is none. Believe me.

Good luck and profit to all)
The second part is coming soon)
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